Smithsonian Kids 100 Dinosaur and Prehistoric Words to Know

Title Description

The world is full of wonderful words to learn so let's get started with prehistoric animals! Learn 100 prehistoric words the Smithsonian way! Curious kids and their curious grown-ups will love to explore these pages full of Smithsonian treasures. This amazing book contains 100 dinosaur and prehistoric words to spark curious young minds - all inspired by the collections found within the walls of the Smithsonian. Learn all about dinosaurs, other amazing prehistoric animals that roamed our world, and the ways we learn more about them today!

Smithsonian Kids books feature engaging educational content for little learners that reflect the integrity of the Smithsonian. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to support the Smithsonian's educational mission.

  • Ten different categories to explore with words and realistic photographs. Phonetic spelling helps sound out and learn exciting new vocabulary
  • Categories from excavation tools to "extreme dinosaurs" offer opportunities for questions and conversation and talking builds vocabulary and social skills
  • Wonder Facts through-out this book are just right for little experts who want to know more! Boys and girls, come discover and emmerce yourself in the dino world!
  • From preschoolers to grade-schoolers, there is something at every level for children interested in learning everything about the prehistoric wonder.  Vivid photographs and artist renderings on sturdy, think pages built to last and use over time.
  • EXPLORE: Explore prehistoric creatures and their world
    LEARN: Learn fun facts about dinosaurs and new vocabulary words
    DISCOVER: Discover fascinating Smithsonian artifacts
    SHINE: Curiosity helps kids shine!
$ 9.99

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