Meet Archie and Pip,

two brothers who have a unique family and love adventures.

The adventure this time? Going to school!

A peppy tale sure to get kids psyched 

for the first day of school. 

— Kirkus Reviews 

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Archie and Pip

The First Day of School

It's almost the first day of school for brothers Archie and Pip. Archie is starting kindergarten, but both boys are nervous about the changes and new things that the school year will bring. Will Archie make friends and forget all about Pip? Will Archie be able to sit in class all day? What if all the rumors the brothers hear from their friends are true? Read along and see how the boys get ready for school and find out that the first day of school can be pretty great!

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Zoe Wodarz is an artist, designer, and author living in Minnesota. Known for her playful artistic creations and witty humor, Zoe has turned her childhood memories and imaginative passion for storytelling into writing the world of Archie and Pip!
Mari Richards is an illustrator and author, an award-winning toy designer, and an occasional art professor. Her first school memories are full of art supplies — especially the messy ones — and she believes making things is a daily requirement. You'll find her gathering rocks and feathers, sniffing every book she reads (and some she doesn't), and living a chaotic, wonderful life with her husband, daughter, and two rescue mutts near St. Paul, Minnesota.