Barn in Winter: Safe and Warm on the Farm

Title Description


ÒBarn feels a chill. Her weathervane spins.

She braces her beams. A snowstorm beginsÉÓ

Winter has come to the farm and covered everything in a blanket of icy snow. But where is the cow? Where are the pig and the goat? They are snuggly and snoozy, dozy and dreaming, tucked in all toasty, safe, dry and warm inside the cozy barn. Celebrate winter with this beautiful keepsake book that any farm-loving toddler is sure to love! Lyrically written in rhyming verse with gorgeously rich illustrations.

Look for the companion book by Chambrae Griffith, Barn in Spring, coming spring 2024 and check out the wide variety of other children's board books from Cottage Door Press!

  • Poetic rhythm and rhymes encourage language patterns and development amongst toddlers.
  • Rich illustrations will keep any toddler engaged and entertained in this beautiful keepsake book.
  • Sturdy large board pages are suitable for even the littlest babies and toddlers. Easy for little ones to follow along as they share the story together. 
  • Touches on themes of togetherness, safety, and love.
  • Perfect gift for newborns, baby showers, winter holidays, first libraries, and more!

$ 9.99

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