Captain Clementine Secret of the Star

Title Description

Meet Captain Clementine, a little girl who is the captain of her own ship and crew! In this introductory story we learn just who Clementine is (a princess of the high seas!), how her magical necklace leads her to the Star of the Sea (her magical, beautiful ship!), and see her at school (the Royal Barnacle Academy!). When her necklace is nabbed by a naughty gull, and dropped deep into the ocean, a little mermaid girl draws up a plan for finding its owner...and finds a new best friend! ÒMy stars!Ó Girls and boys Ð and grownups Ð will fall in love with strong, smart, brave, and kind Clementine. Adventures await!

  • This hardcover, paper-page storybook is a timeless classic to enjoy reading over and over again. 
  • Easy-to-read text with a vibrant and beautiful picture on each page makes this a wonderful story for young readers to practice reading aloud
  • This charming picture book is perfect for special reading time together as well as your story time rotation!
  • Strong, brave, and kind, Clementine is the magical captain and princess who will capture the imagination and enchant the hearts of boys, girls, and grown-ups alike!
  • Adventures of the sea await all those seeking a new captain and crew to fall in love with at bedtime.
$ 16.99

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