ChopChop Eatable Alphabet

Title Description

Children will love to explore the kitchen with 26 foods and recipes in this ChopChop Eatable Alphabet book. Learn, taste, and cook the ABCs with real foods from Avocado to Zucchini. Simple recipes for snacks, smoothies, side dishes, and meals make it easy to teach and bond with your toddler. Perfect first cookbook introduces kitchen skill like measuring, mashing, and stirring. Some adult help needed for cutting and heating, and makes good family memories! Sturdy board book has wipe-clean pages for sticky fingers and yummy smudges. Help your curious little cook learn healthy eating and cooking habits while teaching new words and the alphabet. Lots of fun learning experiences for preschoolers, too!

  • Cooking together offers a way to cultivate bonding between children and caregivers.
  • Children's cookbooks help promote early nutrition and health awareness.
  • Sturdy board pages perfectly sized for little hands to turn the pages and re-use over and over again regardless of the mess the kids make in the kitchen.
  • Experience all of the senses and teach valuable life skills while cooking with your baby or toddler at an early age.
  • ChopChop Family is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and teach families to cook and eat real food together. 
$ 12.99

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