Fairy Tales (Vintage Storybook)

Title Description

Snuggle up to the classics of the good old days! Originally published more than 50 years ago, these books have been dusted off and freshened up for a new audience to enjoy. This unique vintage storybook collection includes 8 fuzzy animal classic picture book stories including Captain Kitty, Farm Animals, Little Rabbit’s Bath, The Little Mailman, Mr. Flopears, Little Duckling, Jeepers the Little Frog, and Little Deer. Every story includes vintage illustrations from the beloved Junior Elf classic children’s book series that brings every story to life. A sweet collection of animal adventures animal lovers of all ages will adore!

  • Sweet fun for babies, toddlers, and nostalgic grown-ups too!  Make some new memories with these old friends!
  • Bright and playful vintage artwork perfect for keeping little ones entertained and engaged
  • Slipcase includes 8 classic picture book animal stories.  Box provides easy storage to tuck away when not reading these wonderful classic tales.
  • Vintage illustrations from the beloved Junior Elf classic children’s book series.
  • Perfect for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and more. A must-have gift for little animal lovers!

Junior Elf books were first published many years ago by Rand McNally & Company. At the time, these books were enjoyed by households of all kinds - they were affordable and yet playful, educational, and perfect for reading aloud to all ages. This special reprinting is presented with the original artwork and story as it was crafted so many years ago. Books in this series are factual, fanciful, humorous, questioning, and adventurous. These quirky time-capsule moments may cause a chuckle or two - or even a gasp - but their charm still delights!   

$ 28.99

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