Large Print Sudoku Puzzles Green

Title Description

If you are looking for puzzles that are easy on the eye then Large Print Sudoku Puzzles is the book for you. Provided in a large and easy-to-read size, this collection of over 200 puzzles allows you to work through the challenges at your own pace. Easy, medium, and hard puzzles broken out into sections. Included instructions for completing sudokus and answer key at the end of the book. Satisfying, demanding, and ideal for all sudoku enthusiasts.

Collect more Sudoku, Large-Print puzzle, Crossword, Spot the Difference, and more puzzle books from Brain Busters and Parragon books!

  • OVER 200 PUZZLES & SOLUTIONS: Hours of fun and entertainment to enjoy!
  • LARGE PRINT: Large print is easy-to-read and giant grids make it simple to enter numbers and complete.  
  • LAY FLAT: Spiral-bound lays flat for ease of use at home or on the go. Whether you're drinking your morning coffee, riding on the train, or relaxing on vacation this sudoku puzzle book can go with you.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: For the sudoku puzzle lover, this books makes a great gift for any occasion! Birthday, stocking stuffers, road trip or more, everyone will love it!
  • PARRAGON PUZZLE BOOK COLLECTION: Look for additional puzzle books from Parragon for all types of puzzles including crosswords, word searches, and more! Part of the Brain Busters Collection from Cottage Door Press & Parragon
$ 9.99

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