Little Wonders Space

Title Description

Your little one is full of wonder! Especially about swirling, whirling, starry, VAST space! Help your baby or toddler discover and understand our solar system and more! Through easy facts and explanations designed specifically for young kids, they'll learn about stars, planets, the sun and moon, and how important they all are to our world. Children who learn about the world around us grow up to care about our world. So go outside, stare up at the beautiful night sky, and dare to wonder about what's out in our universe and beyond. Space is wonderful!

  • Durable board book pages: easy for little toddler hands to grasp, great for boys and girls practicing fine motor skills, and will withstand traditional wear and tear.
  • Multi-activity: flaps, wheels, tabs, and more will encourage engagement and fine motor development for little learners.
  • Early learning: introduction to our solar system for the youngest of readers. Little ones will be introduced to concepts such as constellations, planets, the phases of the moon and more! 
  • Bold illustrations and interesting facts: this sensory, multi-activity board book will keep your little ones entertained and engaged.
  • Finger play: Touch and turn! Push and pull! Finger play helps toddlers develop little muscles and build finger strength, improving coordination and fine motor skills.
$ 9.99

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