My Dad Loves Me

Title Description

Celebrate together with different fathers who love helping their children grow up in a sharing and caring family. Daddies sing and play, brush and comb, laugh and cook...every Daddy is special and different! Illustrations include multicultural families and their native language names for “father.” A wonderful gift for a new father or for Father’s Day, this chunky board book will last for years of your little boy or girl exclaiming, “Read to me, Daddy!”

  • Beautifully captures the unconditional love shared between an father and his child.
  • Sweet and playful illustrations along with rhyming text make for an engaging and entertaining read for your toddlers.
  • Sturdy large board pages are suitable for even the littlest babies and toddlers. Easy for little ones to follow along as they share the story together. 
  • Touches on themes of empathy, bonding, encouragement, and unconditional love.
  • Perfect gift for birthdays, new dads, Christmas, first libraries, Father's Day, and more!
$ 9.99

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