Outer Space Road Trip Zoom & Find (I Spy With My Little Eye)

Title Description

Road trip! Look, find, and laugh with a silly space family as they zoom across the galaxy in search of a perfect space vacation! 13 crazy busy scenes like a gas station, llama planet, upside-down planet, and the Star Hotel are great for hours of seek and find fun. Perfect for a real car trip, airplane travel, and any quiet read and play time! Great for boys and girls who can read, but also fun searching activities for preschoolers to use along with a reader.

Collect the entire I Spy with My Little Eye series from Cottage Door Press!

  • Lively, rhyming, and educational, this fun space travel book asks "I Spy" questions to help engage kids further into the story for an interactive experience.
  • Practice early learning concepts such as counting, colors, and matching in every picture activity. Answer key included in back.
  • Engaging questions and new vocabulary words found on every page, designed to help build conversation skills and support language development.
  • Designed for all age levels as a nice introduction to look, search, and find books, preschoolers and toddlers will have fun with guided questions by an adult while boys and girls able to read will have fun guiding themselves through the activities.
  • At-home or on-the-go read is ideal for road trips, airplane rides, rainy days, trips on a space shuttle, and more!
$ 8.99

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