Smithsonian Word Search Birds of the World Feathers and Flight

Title Description

More than 200 word search puzzles are based on birds and their habitats and habits, from all around the world. From hummingbirds to ostriches, parrots to penguins, backyard and pro birders will love word puzzles featuring our feathered friends! Interesting and fun fact is included with every puzzle. Bird names, features, and facts are approved by Smithsonian experts. Great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, hospital stays, and anyone who loves puzzles to keep a sharp mind.

Read interesting facts along the way. Word lists include easy, moderate, and challenging searches. Keep your brain fit by and test your word-finding skills searching vertically, diagonally, forwards, and backward in pursuit of hidden words. This collection contains a fantastic variety of puzzles to satisfy beginner and expert puzzlers alike and offers a much-needed brain boost for hours of entertainment. Help improve memory and focus by completing a new find-the-word challenge every day, with a variety of unique themed word searches with this Smithsonian Word Seach Book!

  • OVER 200 PUZZLES & SOLUTIONS: Hours of fun and entertainment to enjoy with a large variety of everyone's favorite seek and find word puzzles.
  • UNIQUE CHALLENGES: Designed for the novice, intermediate, to expert these activity word search puzzles will challenge at every level.
  • LAY FLAT: Spiral-bound lays flat for ease of use at home or on the go. Whether you're drinking your morning coffee, riding on the train, or relaxing on vacation this puzzle book can go with you.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: A perfect gift for Mother's & Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, vacations, and more, word finds make an excellent gift for any occasion.
  • BRAIN BUSTERS: Part of the Brain Busters Puzzle Collection from Parragon & Cottage Door Press and officially licensed by the Smithsonian. Look for our other puzzle books including Smithsonian Inspiring Women Who Shaped America Word Search & Beautiful Botanicals Word Search, The Ultimate Book of Mixed Puzzles, John Deere Word Search, Large Print Word Searches, Bible Word Search, Crosswords, Picture Puzzles, and More!
$ 9.99

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