Sticker Emporium: Woodlandia

Title Description

This sticker book contains more than 1,000 stickers with beautiful vintage images from the Gilded Age through the 1920s. More than 70 sheets of wood-free matte stickers, excellent for scrapbooking, decorating letters, and using on any paper craft activity. 65 pages of colorful patterned paper to use for crafting, letters, and other relaxing hobbies will make your creations lovely and unique.

  • Over 1,000 vintage stickers to choose from in this beautiful treasure trove sticker book.
  • Decorate scrapbooks, journals, letters, stationery, or even make your own eclectic piece of art.
  • Use your imagination along with the included colorful, patterned paper to create your very own sticker crafting activity.
  • Unique, fun, and highly versatile stickers are easy to peel and stick and can be used any way you like!
  • Makes for a perfect gift for sticker collectors or a great coffee table book to browse through the sticker imagery and journey back in time.
$ 24.99

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