The Art of Mixology: Bartender's Guide to Gin

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From the creators of the best-selling and classic favorite Art of Mixology cocktail book comes our Bartender's Guide to Gin. A delicious book for gin lovers! Bartender secrets, equipment essentials, histories, and best of all, recipes with enticing photos! Have fun practicing and sipping until you have mastered signature cocktails that will impress your friends. From classic martinis to the exotic Turkish Delight -- this treasury of cocktails will whisk you through slings, rickeys, tonics, mules, and more! Learn about gin botanicals and how to "nose" a great gin. Great gift for Father's Day or a host and hostess gift. An essential how-to book for every home bar cart. Cheers!

Explore the chemistry of cocktails and mocktails with The Art of Mixology. Become your own bartender and create new, delicious concoctions using the best of traditional and contemporary recipes. Have fun and make yourself a drink! 

Collect all of the titles in our Mixology series - The Original Mixology Book, Bourbon & Whiskey, Rum, and now including Word Search Intoxicating Puzzles, Mocktails, The Essential Guide to Cocktails, and holiday essential Making Spirits Bright. 

  • CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY RECIPES: The best of traditional and contemporary mixology for all occasions. Modern twists on classic cocktails will inspire budding mixologists as they hone their skills.
  • TEACHERS THE BASICS: Adapt your senses as you learn the technique of nosing and refine time-honored mixology skills for what is arguably the most timeless spirit of all. Learn about and begin to appreciate the importance of premium tonics as you stir up the classic Gin & Tonic.
  • ANY OCCASION: Including romantic dinners, special celebrations, holidays, entertaining, and more. Spice up your apŽritif arsenal with a Mango & Black Pepper Cocktail or kick back and refresh yourself with a minty End of the Road. There is a perfect, well-loved drink for every get-together!
  • FOR ALL AGES: From a classic Gin & Tonic to a Sloe Gin Rickey, these recipes stretch across time to delight gin connoisseurs of all generations and ages.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Valentine's, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more. This is a great bartending book gift for a new home or to complete any renovated home bar.
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